“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. 

Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote” – author unknown

(it should have been me…although I also see myself as “Sweet old lady? More like battle-tested warrior queen!)

Manipulative, corrupt, liars and frauds, who repeatedly mislead the public for personal gain, have no credibility.

First example: when John Swinney, (just like Nicola Sturgeon did in Holyrood) lied on camera, stating the government respect legislation and GDPR law. 

John Swinney is grilled by reporters over the bullying probe into a former Nat minister. – YouTube

Take a look at the *CHA section of my website on the govt refusing to uphold laws including data protection. The ICO does not even uphold GDPR see *Ch. 5, because they collectively sanction abuse of data and therefore promote law-breaking by their friends, to avoid accountability. They even told me ” fraud was out of their remit! ” The data you give to any of them is not safe and open to abuse, including fraudulent use.

Form your own conclusions from additional evidence here and what you research yourself, and see they are all just lying hypocrites! They only use legislation to further themselves and their sycophants, working against the public interest.

Independence pensions row as SNP insists Westminster will pay bill if Scots vote Yes (

 Nicola Sturgeon has also repeatedly lied and made false claims about anything she tries to use as leverage to get more control for herself, including when she claimed that England would still have to pay for Scottish pensioners, if Scotland was Independent. Westminster will not send money to Scotland. To recklessly remove pensions/benefits so the control freaks gain more power, would be at the very least Culpable and Reckless Conduct – Crime.Scot as most pensioners are dependent upon it to survive, therefore Nicola/SNP would deliberately be putting them/us in harms way. Where does she think she will get the money to pay for it all? Scottish independence: SNP’s incompetence over £3.5 billion black hole shows they are not fit to lead breakaway from UK – Murdo Fraser MSP | The Scotsman

“You may choose to look the other way, but you may never say again you did not know”

-William Wilberforce.

As well as being a deterrent/punishment, the main purposes of prison is to keep violent offenders out of society so they cannot cause more harm. The unethical SNP would rather leave them in the community so they can continue to reoffend with their approval, or release them from prison early ignoring the physical/psychological/social/sexual/ financial injury they cause their victims. To put offenders through a pseudo-criminal process also costs the tax payer more money in the long term too.

Ignoring/sanctioning/promoting any kind of abuse only escalates the problem, which is why there are more victims now than ever before. Everyone has their role to play in protecting the innocent, others have legal obligationsHow bad does it have to get before the public say ‘no more’ and accuse the state of being too immoral to be in positions of trust, and therefore are criminally, unsound to make any decisions?

When fake leaders who have a twisted perspective are given positions of authority, sexual abuse becomes acceptable to those who are supposed to uphold the law in the public interest. 

REALLY..JURY FREE TRIALS? – YOURS FOR SCOTLAND (   “Scots have no right to trial says Lord advocate appointed by Nicola Sturgeon …Public not suited to decide on rape cases”. The same Lord Advocate chosen to protect Nicola Sturgeon in her case over the deaths caused by Nicola/SNP. See The Dangers of Being Led by Fake Leaders > READ MORE <

This is a major flag,redThere are many more to watch out for, throughout this website. Nicola Sturgeon prefers to defend the  predators/perpetrators as they have a lot in common. 

News | Rape Crisis Scotland

This charity is doing great work to help victims of sexual abuse and needs much more support from the public, as those in highly paid authority positions are clearly part of the problem, not the solution.

Top QC said he would ‘s**g’ head of Scots rape charity ‘just to have something over her’ – Daily Record

“In a series of salacious messages, Brian McConnachie QC also sent a sexually explicit photograph of himself from the toilets of a high court building minutes after defending a rape accused.”

“If senior QCs are willing to behave in this way towards someone in Rape Crisis, how are they behaving towards young women entering the profession or women they are cross-examining in sexual offence cases?”

Such is the  low calibre of so-called professionals, being employed today. Perverts protecting the perverts!  These must be amongst the groups of people who vote for the SNP. The public needs to defend itself and watch out for each other.

Scots judges accuse SNP ministers of trying to interfere with the rule of law (

(Just like Boris Johnson), Nicola Sturgeon who does not abide by the rule of law herself and promotes corruption and law-breaking at every corner, wants even more power so she can increase her abuse of the judiciary for self-interest, and at the expense of the innocent public. Totalitarianism rule is their objective and Nicola, is in a race to get there before Boris.

“The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance”-Albert Einstein

To understand the reasoning behind the decisions/laws that are being made by those in leadership positions, you have to understand the personality types of those making them. 

 One of the main reasons (apart from feeding their abnormally, inflated egos), narcissists and other toxic personalities seek powerful positions, is because they know authorities promote their immoral, criminal, behaviour, by refusing to hold them accountable. It is not acceptable and invalidates the justice system/authority making them unfit for purpose. Protecting perpetrators is the worst type of corruption, but also makes them complicit and therefore culpable of the harm they cause their victims, who rarely get redress. They are actually creating more victims and cannot claim ignorance as an excuse. Right-thinking members of the public (those who matter the most), would expect greater punishment for those who abuse their positions, along with their enablers and not allow them to escape justice

Remember, it is a fact that narcissists, do not believe the social rules/laws apply to them as in their distorted view of reality, they believe they are entitled to everything. They strongly believe that everyone else is just a tool to serve them and depending how far along the spectrum they are, and taking into consideration they have no understanding of empathy, or guilt, they have the potential to cause great harm to many, without a conscience.


Example: Depraved Governments have a callous indifference; to the victims of Paedophiles 

Everyone, collectively, should take the government and those who promote/sanction/assist immoral behaviour to court: for violations of moral principles and especially for the deliberate exposure of children, to sexual harm. The authorities are paid to protect the public, not to become criminals promoting sexual perversion. What is their next act of sexual deviance they are going to try to promote as part of the ‘New Normal’…. Beastiality? 

Sexual Coercion (s4-6 of the 2009 Act) – Crime.Scot

Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 (

Sexual Offences Act 2003 (

These decision makers and the company they keep, have opened the door to allow every aspect of indecency to become acceptable. The public are having to protect their own children from them. But authorities are not the only ones trying to normalise sex with children:

The Family Sex Show cancelled amid threats and abuse at staff – BBC News  

‘Family Sex Show’ that urges FIVE-YEAR-OLD children to explore ‘sexual pleasures’ is cancelled | Daily Mail Online

And its website contains material encouraging little children to draw and label vulvae and penises, and make them out of playdoh, and even to ‘try sexual practices’ with their ‘sexual parts’.

The SNP Government also believe they have the right to force their own dysfunctional sexual views, on highly impressionable children from an early age, in schools without the parents’ knowledge or permission. It is the reverse of Child Protection. (It has also happened in *America and Canada!).

The untrustworthy leaders go to great lengths to avoid exposure/transparency/accountability using any unethical tactic available, but want to micromanage and pry/interfere in every area of your lives including taking over the parenting of your kids.

The SNP are coercing highly impressionable children, into revealing sexual information to the authorities, under the guise of health and wellbeing, in school and elsewhere. Be wary that by pushing parents into absolute poverty, it gives toxic authorities an excuse to remove children from their home. Where does child abuse occur the most? In authority care! Who investigates it…not the authorities!

*OUTRAGEOUS Gender Curriculum for Children in Portland – JP Reacts – YouTube

It is obvious for several countries to be adopting the same gender ideologies, the country leaders are colluding and have been doing so for a long time! Look at the health issues they have created as a result of their madness.


 The Ugly Truth Behind Monkeypox Finally Revealed – YouTube

Clinical features and novel presentations of human monkeypox in a central London centre during the 2022 outbreak: descriptive case series | The BMJ

I envisage more law suits coming in the direction of the decision makers, for increasing the risk of STD’s.

 SNP ministers urged to scrap school sex census linked to Named Person state snoopers – Scottish Daily Express

They refused to make it available to the public but a responsible parent exposed it. Please share.

 Privacy regulators investigate Scottish ministers’ sex census for kids | HeraldScotland

“The Information Commissioner’s Office, which is responsible for upholding data privacy is looking into concerns that the controversial census billed as anonymous by Nicola Sturgeon as for “statistical and research purposes only” is not strictly confidential.” 

Would this be the same ICO who does not abide by or uphold data protection laws and refuses to protect the data subject by ignoring those who abuse it!  See evidence in CHA section Ch. 5 etc, which proves no-ones data is safe and view Information Commissioner’s Office Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of ( 

Sturgeon refuses to say whether she would answer sex census for kids questions | HeraldScotland

This is highly inappropriate/ intrusive questioning by the SNP and not the business of untrustworthy authorities, because they appear to be catering to, by making it easier to identify potential victims, for their predator friends. Advise your children to avoid answering for their own protection. Please stop this before more children become victims of abuse. What kind of a future does Nicola Sturgeon want for your kids? Are the children’s future career choices going to be work for the government, or become sex workers?

Another example of acquiring sensitive information for the queen of bribes; SNP quizzes teens on their sexuality and gender identity when applying for a bus pass | Daily Mail Online

Thankfully, those with a moral compass including outraged parents, are speaking out.

Swinney’s enablers did not like sexually explicit discussions and were offended and tried to stop Mr Lucas from speaking, but they are happy teaching/corrupting the minds of your kids in school. Parents are removing their children from school, because of this and other concerns. Can the authorities be trusted with the children? It certainly does not look like it, when Nicola is indoctrinating them from an early age, to be what she wants them to be.

To take sexual education advice, from anyone connected with governments, is tantamount to taking advice from the likes of Jimmy Savile. Why, because everything J.S. did and everywhere he was given access, was sanctioned by every gov’t department, children’s charities, and their buddies e.g.,  TheBBC, throughout the UK.

Jimmy Savile’s creepy visits to Scottish school and orphanages – Scottish Daily Express

How The Tories Courted Jimmy Savile For DECADES – Bing video by Novara Media

Please research advice from experts instead of warped politicians & the company they keep, who do not care about the harm they cause, as self-gratification is their only objective.

Example: Overexposed and Under-Prepared: The Effects of Early Exposure to Sexual Content | Psychology Today United Kingdom

Keeping sex offenders out of jail.

‘Light touch sheriffs’ including Sheriff Jillian Martin Brown  give Community Service instead of jail sentences.

Glasgow mum of murdered schoolboy blasts ‘slap on wrist’ given to sex fetish nursery worker who sat on babies – Glasgow Live

‘Dr Sonal Shah, an expert on sudden infant death syndrome, said McFee could have killed the babies.

“This is an appalling crime.” Graeme Dey, SNP MSP for Angus South, said: “One has to assume the court must have had very good reason to pass a sentence which, on the face of it, appears unduly lenient.” Well Nicola Sturgeon would know, as she promoted this sheriff because she ignores decency, her oath, rules, and legislation for anyone who asks, to their mutual benefit. See CHA section in Ch.2.  It is certainly not in the name of child protection.

It is a lot worse now because many more paedophiles escape justice, especially those in ‘high places’ as the govt fiercely protect/promote their own kind! The * links I upload often break at some point and I try to keep on top of this but external forces make it difficult, so I just have to do what I can.

Paedophile pockets £50,000 farming subsidy despite being jailed for five years (

Paedophile threat has almost tripled in a year as child pornography use soars during lockdown  | Daily Mail Online

 SNP are scrapping the Community pay back orders.

2020 SNP could write off 51 years’ worth of community payback. Thousands of thugs, sex predators and thieves could dodge justice”. Quoted from * – Digital Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions

2021 SNP scraps 30 years’ worth of community orders for criminals – Bing

 SNP proposal to consider cutting short trigger for early release of prisoners | HeraldScotland

Soft-touch SNP justice! Criminals hand over just £74,000 out of £1.6 million dirty money – Scottish Daily Express

Scottish Conservative community safety spokesman Russell Findlay said: Under the SNP, crime now pays and wealthy crooks clearly have nothing to fear from proceeds of crime laws”.

Is this also what they mean by the “New Normal?”

If Jimmy Savile and other abusers/criminals had been stopped earlier, many victims could have been spared. I strongly advise everyone installs CCTV for their own protection and evidence. Spend time reinforcing child protection advice and how to recognise and avoid toxic people, including the reckless politicians and their criminal friends! 

Sexual crimes in Scotland according to government statistics, are down, but it is highly likely due to the fact most cases never reach court, (just like adult rape), and when you have Sheriffs willing to protect the perpetrators many will avoid punishment/removal from society. Remember statistics are only as good as the integrity of those compiling them and for what agenda they serve.

The SNP ignore the life-changing damage to victims and their families and no doubt, hide/destroy facts & statistics.

Many drug/alcohol abusers are victims of sexual/physical abuse and take substances to block out their suffering, which could be avoided if social problems were actually addressed/funded by the government. 

But why do the job you get paid to do when you can just pretend. Sturgeon’s answer was to give them phones to access services for their drug abuse, (what services?) She also gave phones to prisoners too, so they can continue operating from jail. No money left in the public purse to assist/protect the public, but plenty to waste/support law-breaking in Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon/SNP are off the charts for unfitness to lead Scotland. Just like Boris & Co they are a group of self-serving, twisted criminals, promoting criminality so they can blend in better. 

Scottish Government drug bosses slammed over plans to spend £2.75m on smartphones for addicts amid record high deaths (

DRUGS tsars were slammed over plans to spend £2.75million on smartphones for addicts — amid record high deaths”.

Scotland drug deaths crisis: Britons say Sturgeon is to blame | Politics | News |

“In June, the Scottish government spent £3million of taxpayers money on mobile phones… According to prison guards, the decision made by the Scottish government to gift the inmates with phones has made the job of preventing drug abuse even harder”.

“A staggering 98 percent of voters said giving prisoners phones that were hacked “within hours” is a mistake worthy of resignation, whilst less than two percent said she should stay on as First Minister, in a poll of 4,432 people held from September 14 to 16″.

Inside Scotland’s biggest jail: ‘About 90% of the guys in my halls are on drugs’ | ITV News

Maybe the SNP and other leaders can identify with drug dealers seeing how they are pushing drugs onto the public all over the world and the public purse is being robbed to pay for it. It is certainly not in the interest of the public’s health, when those who have existing health issues are sacrificed to pay for the promotion of vaccinations which mainly benefit the big pharma companies and those who support them. £B’s have been made off the back of human suffering.

Perhaps Nicola and her SNP, who cannot make a name for Scotland through high standards of fairness, decency or integrity, want Scotland to earn the title of Criminal Capital of the World so they can drag this beautiful country, further down into their own private cess pit! Or maybe they just want to grab more power using any dishonourable means available to them.

I am pretty sure the crime rate  in Scotland would be substantially reduced by just putting Nicola Sturgeon and some of her ministers and regulators in prison. I am sure the economic status of Scotland would improve too!

Shock findings show over half of Scots police officers want to carry guns amid surge in assaults (  More brute force to take control, with no protection for the public again!  Speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Many police officers are absent due to mental health issues. I wonder if it is because the ethical ones are stressed, because they are being asked to behave in a more aggressive manner towards innocent members of the public!

 What Is Cognitive Dissonance? (