..and whilst you are distracted elsewhere!

The Law by Frederic Bastiat

“The Law perverted! And the police powers of the state perverted along with it! The Law, I say, not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely contrary purpose! The law becomes the weapon of every kind of greed! Instead of checking crime, the law itself guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish!”

“..Thus, as the force of an individual cannot lawfully touch the person, the liberty, or the property of another individual – for the same reason, the common force cannot lawfully be used to destroy the person, the liberty, or the property of individuals or of classes.”

…” The law is the organization of the natural right of lawful defense…to secure persons, liberties, and properties, and to maintain each in its right, so as to cause justice to reign over all.”

“…the statement ‘the purpose of the law is to cause justice to reign’ is not rigorously accurate statement. It ought to be stated that the purpose of the law is to prevent injustice from reigning.

In fact is is injustice, instead of justice that has an existence of its own. Justice is achieved only when injustice is absent.

Q. When is the law, not the law? A. When those whose job it is to uphold the law, are too busy breaking it. 


flag,redflag,redflag,redThey do not want you to see this, but it is extremely important all of us share and complete this to voice our objections, as they intend to force it upon upon us by the end of the year.  It will completely ruin our lives if they get away with this.   Digital Economy Act 2017: The Identity Verification Services objective (domains.gov.uk)   It has link to online survey and you can do it anonymously. Record your answers and completion verification. 

You will not be able to do ANYTHING without their permission, no income, no food, no rights over your kids, no car, no freedom of movement, no home (including if you currently own yours), no protection from physical, sexual, financial, social, and no legal defense etc.  Please, please do not allow this to happen. They have to receive form by 1st March. This is totalitarian control to the extreme, worse than ever before by any dictator,  by the lying, corrupt, manipulative tryrants, who will take all and be totally unaccountable. Look at the laws they already sneaked in to allow them to rape torture and murder, with no redress for victims and no accountability for them.  Example; Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021 – Wikipedia

See Ch.11  > READ MORE <  with  more on this paragraph:

Time is running out. “If you refuse to be held accountable for engaging in actions designed to harm/cause death to the public, and because you are actively promoting others to do the same, then there is no valid reason why you should be allowed to operate, as you are obtaining your income under false pretences, paid from public money, therefore the public need not/should not comply with you”.

Why are all the governments, Ofgem (and the other so-called regulators), energy companies, the banks etc, not being held to account in criminal courts for knowingly engaging in behaviours/actions which will cause harm/deaths to millions of people? They are committing murder.

I do not believe they have legitimate reasons for increasing prices/costs for profit, when  they knowingly cause harm/death to customers/service users who are denied any defence. It would not stand up in court, and neither would the contracts/policies/laws designed to put many obstacles in our way, so they all avoid accountability.


“You are leaving us no choice but be forced to take the law in to our own hands to defend ourselves from further harm. You are unfit for the purpose you were elected and dangerous to innocent members of the public. You lost your right to preach legislation to the public when you chose to become criminals yourselves.”

“You may choose to look the other way, but you may never say again you did not know”

-William Wilberforce.

When dishonesty begets dishonesty:

 “Unethical behaviour is rewarded/promoted, but decency is treated with contempt”   

Those of us who have spent our lives respecting legislation, are being treated with contempt like second rate citizens by all those who are paid their ill-gotten gains (salary etc), for unethical, dishonest and or illegal behaviour acting under the guise of something else.

The governments are deliberately/knowingly engaging in actions which cause harm to the public, whilst they line their own pockets with public money, and support unelected narcissists/psychopaths in the WEF.

 This is not acceptable. They all belong in prison.

 “Who the hell do they think they are”? They have no right to take away our freedom and choices, but we have every right to insist theirs be taken away from them. We do not need to comply with delusional, megalomoniacs.


Nobody should take advice/instruction from those participating in or covering for corruption, malicious intent to cause harm, fraud/falsifying information, or any other unethical or law-breaking activity. I personally do not recognise the authority of anyone engaging in these behaviours. Everything is in reverse of what is expected in a civilised society. Refuse to recognise the authority of those who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy or you will be their next victim.

27.01.23 Surely, this is the truth? – Bing video by Richard Vobes

Well said Richard. Rational thinking will always triumph over the crazy talk, from those tyrants who have lost the plot and who are trying to ‘normalise’ their craziness, to get us to serve them. 

Social murder – Wikipedia

 The phrase was coined by Friedrich Engels in his 1845 work The Condition of the Working-Class in England whereby “the class which at present holds social and political control” (i.e. the bourgeoisie) “places hundreds of proletarians in such a position that they inevitably meet a too early and an unnatural death”.[1]

” But when society places hundreds of proletarians in such a position that they inevitably meet a too early and an unnatural death, one which is quite as much a death by violence as that by the sword or bullet; when it deprives thousands of the necessaries of life, places them under conditions in which they cannot live — forces them, through the strong arm of the law, to remain in such conditions until that death ensues which is the inevitable consequence — knows that these thousands of victims must perish, and yet permits these conditions to remain, its deed is murder just as surely as the deed of the single individual; disguised, malicious murder, murder against which none can defend himself, which does not seem what it is, because no man sees the murderer, because the death of the victim seems a natural one, since the offence is more one of omission than of commission. But murder it remains.”

See also  Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021 – Wikipedia further down this page. Remember, toxic personality types encourage and promote their same negative, destructive traits in others, and then blame shift to avoid accountability. Make a list and  collectively challenge all the inhumane laws made by the self-serving authority criminals and demand automatic prison sentences for the leaders/enablers/enforcers. 

flag,red“…When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over a course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

 “…sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it…. Sometimes the law places the whole apparatus of judges, police, prisons, and gendarmes, at the service of the plunderers, and treats the victims – when he defends himself – as a criminal.” – Frederic Bastiat

Magistrate removed after bringing Nuremberg Code case against UK government – YouTube

and more information: Holocaust Survivors’ Letter to the International Criminal Court – Doctors for COVID Ethics (doctors4covidethics.org)


Magistrate Kaira McCallum, a heroine amongst many villains, has been forcibly removed from her job… because the corrupt ministers/politicians want to avoid accountability, for knowingly placing the public in harms way, causing many thousands of avoidable deaths. They knew they could not survive the charges to be made against them, so ousted the magistrate who had the guts to try to do her job and act in the public’s interest. They fight dirty. Lame excuses were made, but that is all the authority criminals seem to need these days. If the justice system does not protect the public, which it clearly doesn’t, then the public need to forcibly remove them from power. 

 For every authority criminal/WEF member/enabler/enforcer there are many millions more of us. COME OUT TOGETHER EVERDAY FROM A SET DATE ALL OVER THE UK. Spread the word to our friends/family in other countries. Take back our civil liberties and our right to life, and prevent the abuse/ massacre of innocents around the world by the state sponsored criminals. Take back control, from the narcissists/psychopaths. 

How to make a Citizen’s Arrest | Citizen’s Arrest UK Law (westminstersecurity.co.uk)

The law surrounding a Citizen’s Arrest in the UK is set out in Section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1984. It states that a person can legally arrest anyone: “Who is in the act of committing an indictable offence; or whom the person has reasonable grounds to suspect is committing an indictable offence.”

Rewriting the rule of law, allows those in positions of power who are morally devoid, to regulate themselves and punish/protect whoever they like, without any conscience or accountability… whilst they routinely abuse others.

The crux of the problem: There’s a Sickness at the Heart of British Democracy & It’s Called Oligarchy (doubledown.news). Unscrupulous and sadistic personality types, have weaselled their way into positions of power, and they intend to make everyone else suffer at their hands whilst they steal everything you own. 


“All that is necessary for evil to thrive, is for good men (and women) to do nothing” –  Edmund Burke

Article 10: Freedom of expression | Equality and Human Rights Commission (equalityhumanrights.com)

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.


The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.

January 2023 Free speech supporter makes a stand, using his wallet. Good man! Wealthy donor cut off his cash over ‘rise in campus wokery’ Daily Mail Online

 Human Rights were put in place after the last war to prevent atrocities orchestrated by Hitler & Co from being repeated again. For many years the Tories have been working towards the removal of  The Human Rights Act and ECHR to replace with a greater loss of your rights, for the abuse you are expected to  endure, just like in other tyrannically, ruled countries. They have broken them many times. The SNP do not abide by these laws either.

Human Rights Act Reform: A Modern Bill Of Rights (publishing.service.gov.uk)

 09.09.22 The latest is some very good news, but still keep an eye on them.  Britain to shelve proposed Bill of Rights – The Sun | Reuters

The Human Rights Act | Equality and Human Rights Commission (equalityhumanrights.com)

“The Act sets out your human rights in a series of ‘Articles’. Each Article deals with a different right. These are all taken from the ECHR and are commonly known as ‘the Convention Rights”:


      Article 2: Right to life

Article 3: Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment

Article 4: Freedom from slavery and forced labour

Article 5: Right to liberty and security

Article 6: Right to a fair trial

Article 7: No punishment without law 

Article 8: Respect for your private and family life, home and correspondence

Article 9: Freedom of thought, belief and religion

Article 10: Freedom of expression

Article 11: Freedom of assembly and association

Article 12: Right to marry and start a family

Article 14: Protection from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms

Protocol 1, Article 1: Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property

Protocol 1, Article 2: Right to education

Protocol 1, Article 3: Right to participate in free elections

Protocol 13, Article 1: Abolition of the death penalty


“Articles 1 and 13 of the ECHR do not feature in the Act. This is because, by creating the Human Rights Act, the UK has fulfilled these rights.

For example, Article 1 says that states must secure the rights of the Convention in their own jurisdiction. The Human Rights Act is the main way of doing this for the UK.

Article 13 makes sure that if people’s rights are violated they are able to access effective remedy. This means they can take their case to court to seek a judgment. The Human Rights Act is designed to make sure this happens“.


“Public bodies must respect your rights. It requires all public bodies (like courts, police, local authorities, hospitals and publicly funded schools) and other bodies carrying out public functions to respect and protect your human rights”.

Johnson is Just One Part of a Rotten Barrel – Bing video     A Different Bias is creating Political Discussion | Patreon “He has been actively supported by an entire network that is putting themselves above the national interest. Things will not improve until the entire rotten barrel is removed.”  This includes the rest of the WEF members. Please, please do not let the abuse continue, as you will have absolutely no legal defence from them. Look at what they have done to you already, do you want it to get worse?  Stand up to protect your rights or lose them. However, do not make the mistake of believing the SNP or the other parties are any better. Political/judicial reform is needed to protect the public’s interests, not more of the same abuse of position, by another toxic group under a different name. Look up their history and what the mps/ministers represent. In order to make ourselves safe, we need to remove the murderous tyrants first. We cannot have authority criminals making legislation or be allowed to hold positions of trust. 

flag,red“The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those that speak out” | George Orwell

Examples : No 10 ‘plans to let ministers strike out legal rulings they disagree with’ | Politics | The Guardian

” Boris Johnson is planning to let ministers throw out legal rulings they disagree with, according to a report that has increased fears that the government is determined to weaken judicial scrutiny after a series of defeats in court.” eg by removing magistrates such as the heroic Magistrate Kaira McCallum who wanted to stand up for our legal rights. Magistrate removed after bringing Nuremberg Code case against UK government – YouTube

The SNP ( just like in Westminster), actually select/promote unscrupulous or weak (those who will obediently follow orders), members of the judiciary. The fact they are allowed to do this, because no authority working within government actually prevent it,  proves the whole system is putrid!

April 2022  Latest Tory Attack On British Liberties and Rights – YouTube  by Truth to Power. “ this week saw the Johnson cabal in Westminster ram through new legislation that undermines this fragile democracy, handing new powers to the government, and leaving all British subjects with less rights and freedoms.”.  These  self-serving, cruel tyrants who protect their own law-breaking, have no credibility and should be ousted right now, along with their enablers.

The SNP are also trying to legalise their control over judiciary processes.

January 2022 Scots judges accuse SNP ministers of trying to interfere with the rule of law (thescottishsun.co.uk)

REALLY..JURY FREE TRIALS? – YOURS FOR SCOTLAND (wordpress.com)   “Scots have no right to trial says Lord advocate appointed by Nicola Sturgeon …Public not suited to decide on rape cases”. 

Updated 24.11.2022 BREAKING: New Vaccine data changes everything | Redacted with Clayton Morris – YouTube   Indicating the source of information was originally from the CDC and highlighted in the Washington Post. “Vaccinated People Now Make up a Majority of Covid Deaths….We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated”Yet they are still encouraging everyone to take booster shots! I hope all of you shameful bullies who demonised the anti-vaxxers, learn a lesson from this.  Those in govt positions and their sycophants, pushed improperly tested vaccinations onto others with the use of threats and false information, when it was not their decision to make.  We decide what we put in our bodies, not the dictators! Accountability for all of this, should be a top priority…in a criminal court. I am wanting to take Nicola Sturgeon/SNP et al.  to court on behalf of everyone in Scotland, for their role in this and other criminal actions. See Ch. 11 in Caledonia Housing Association – DO NOT TRUST THEM  Please share this website(including by word of mouth)so others can also use some of the evidence from within. There have been several attempts to prevent my website from being seen, for obvious reasons and my page; HOME – DO NOT TRUST THEM is mysteriously blocked, amongst other anomolies… so I cannot edit it. 

Snakes in Suits – The Psychopaths in Positions of Power – Bing video

Another excellent video from Academy of Ideas: Free Minds for a Free Society

“…pushing products which destroy bodies and minds …..or under the guise of the greater good they institute rules, laws or mandates which rob people of their freedom, wealth and dignity…..”

08.12.22 Latest DeSanits: Pfizer and Moderna CAN’T hide this anymore, and we’re coming for you | Redacted News – YouTube   The Governor of Florida (Ronald Dion DeSantis) states he wants accountability, for those who misled the public over the facts. So do the rest of us and  needs to to bring this about a.s.a.p. Or perhaps he is just another fake leader telling the people what they want to hear… just to gain support. Actions speak louder than words!

Remember just a short time ago, the ministers and their entourage of sycophants, were trying to force the vaccine on to you on a daily basis, supposedly for your health, well now the facts have been in the public domain for awhile, they are all quiet and disinterested. Remember Matt Hancock, the laughing hyena? They do not care about the lives they ruined, or the physical/psychological harm and deaths they deliberately caused with their social experiment in compliance/conformity and obedience. Never forgive, never forget, because they will engage in more dangerous/life-changing actions, as long as the public (human guinea-pigs), allow them to get away with it!

20.12.22.My yellow card report – YouTube by Dr John Campbell 

The governments are legislating against us’ | Neil Oliver on elite ‘leading us down garden path’ – YouTube

Thank you Neil Oliver and Mark Steyn for drawing the publics attention to this. Thank you GB News. The truth is out there for those who need to see it.

29.01.23 Digital Economy Act 2017: The Identity Verification Services objective (domains.gov.uk) Please be involved in this consultation and express your disapproval. They are sneaking this out behind our backs, to avoid too many people carrying out the survey so they can take total control over your money and every aspect of daily living.

Updated 23.11.22   Digital Identity Scotland (DIS) – Digital – gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

Research ethical sources about the latest  ‘Big Brother’ surveillance data gathering plans, by governments around the world, to facilitate control, including Digital Identity Scotland (DIS)  “The main aim of the DIS Programme is to improve people’s access to public services by providing  safe reusable and easy way to prove who they are or that they are eligible for a public service….” They have stolen and abused our data for decades, and expect us to trust anything they claim is for our benefit. Anyone who is not subservient/useful to them, will be denied access to; finances/services and eradicated by driving to suicide, starved and demonised by those promoting the evil ideologies of the ruling party.  Of course the ones instigating these control measures, will not be subject to digital tracking programmes as evidenced by their lack of transparency since they pursued careers/positions, to use for nefarious intentions. Criminal/cruel behaviour will be rewarded whilst decency will be crushed…..again!

Government is the great fiction which through everybody endeavours to live at the expense of everyone else” – Government, by Frederic Bastiat

It is the worlds easiest job, to sit on a fence and dictate to others how they should lead their lives, when the decisions you make do not apply to you, but are detrimental to those in your target group. It does not require training, or intelligence, you just need to have a callous indifference to the welfare of others.

17.11.22 This is how they will CONTROL all of us, new lockdowns announced | Redacted with Clayton Morris – Bing videoThe next manufactured crises by the hypocritical, authority criminals and WEF…but only if you allow it… is Climate lockdowns, under the pretence of doing it to protect the environment, to deflect from the fact it is about totalitarian control…again. You know these state abusers/fake leaders are so trustworthy and care about us and the environment because they prove it it by their actions, including when they gave permission for water companies to pour tonnes of raw sewage into the rivers/seas to poison our waterways with 0 accountability! The only thing green about their agendas… are those who are as ‘green as grass’ for putting their trust in the lying, manipulate, decision-makers.

The WEF Wants To Take Away Ownership Of Private Vehicles – YouTube by Front Page News…. and your income, food, the internet, kids, energy, jobs, homes,  etc = your right to life! Don’t forget the huge energy prices increases planned on a regular basis, to boost the wealth again of those engaging in corruption with the leaders. They expect us to finance their luxurious/criminal lifestyles! Do not comply, challenge their decisions en masse. Please do not vote for any of them as they just elect their own choice of leaders anyway (jobs for mates) to be replaced by the One world Government-WEF, as they intend to remove all democratic rights too, not that we really ever had any! You cannot be expected to fund/support the activities of authority criminals. It is not acceptable.

 Rishi’s Autumn Budget 2022; depriving the public of more money to increase the likelihood of deaths by suicide/starvation/ freezing and impacting on exisiting health issues. This is pure evil, send them to prison. Accuse them of acts of terrorism, murder and everything in-between!

Terrorism | The Crown Prosecution Service (cps.gov.uk)

Terrorism is the use or threat of action, both in and outside of the UK, designed to influence any international government organisation or to intimidate the public.

Examples include: serious violence against a person or damage to property,

endangering a person’s life (other than that of the person committing the action),

creating a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a selection of the public,

action designed to seriously interfere with or seriously attempt to disrupt an electronic system”

I tried to upload video  ‘Treasury on the DEFENSIVE’/ Liam Halligan on fuel duty potentially… from GB news 18.11.22 but on the same day it was published,  I was blocked by search engines, on different sites. Please look for the video. 

 Q. What do they want from us?  A. Control, control, control! …”you will own nothing but you will be happy”, (or dead), whilst the evil hypocrites making the decisions, expect to do and take whatever they like and believe we are stupid enough to comply with their every demands. I guess arrogance really does cloud their judgements!

 WEF is Pushing Its Agenda in G20 Bali Summit – YouTube Daily HOT Listen to those who are trying to warn you, before it is too late. This young man is telling the truth, the leaders are being disingenuous.

 11.04.22 Neil Oliver: During Covid more has been taken from children than might ever be measured – Bing video

When fake leaders make unethical rules/laws, the damage to individuals is permanent. The ones who have suffered the most are those living with abusive partners and the children, because they have no escape. Childhood should be a happy time creating positive experiences/memories for them to look back at in adulthood, to help them grow to become well-adjusted; healthy, happy, confident adults and support them through bad times. If the only memories your children have are that of cruelty, starvation, illness, oppression,  etc. they will not develop coping skills and quickly lose the will to live. Suicide rates/mental health issues/and cases of abuse  in adults and children have already dramatically increased, due to reckless decisions made by the governments around the world. Physical health will also suffer like never seen before. The public (globally) are being abused by the very people who are supposed to protect them. 

Neil Oliver: In Covid lockdowns, we didn’t put kids first (gbnews.uk) As Neil Oliver states Between April and October 2021 more than 400,000 children in England were referred to the NHS for specialist care for issues including suicidal thoughts, eating disorders and self-harm. That was a 77 percent rise on the year before.”

Do not let them get away with pushing  you into poverty and then use that as an excuse to steal your children from you.“Please save the children!” as we all know what happens when the authorities put children through the so-called care system!  State sponsored child abuse can never be acceptable. 

... and view  > READ MORE <

Look up the history of the MP’s and MSP’s, including controversies and what they vote for/against, and you will get a good idea of their personality traits. Example: Will The REAL Jeremy Hunt Please Stand Up? – Bing video by Truth to Power .

Misappropriating £B’s of public money every year, deprives the majority of  the public of basic/essential services, ruins businesses, and the lives of the poorest in society. Malnourished children are already disadvantaged as they need nutritious food for their growing bodies. Just look how many more have been pushed into poverty and have died whilst the state were making policies/laws to further their own objectives, during the pandemic and since.

 flag,redNicola Sturgeon has also repeatedly demonstrated she has never had any respect for legislation, apart from using for self-gain, and refuses to protect the interests of the public, whilst also taking evasive actions to avoid transparency and accountability for herself.  She has a proven record that  she pursued a career to use for dishonourable means. Right from the beginning, Nicola Sturgeon used influence/bribes to help her avoid accountability.

A Diary of Justice & Injustice – Scotland: Search results for first minister professional misconduct


First Minister recommended judge role for lawyer – who found her guilty of misconduct. AN INVESTIGATION has established Scotland’s First Minister – Nicola Sturgeon – was found to have committed THREE counts of professional misconduct by a solicitor she later recommended for the position of a Sheriff within Scotland’s powerful judiciary”.   

See CHA Section   > READ MORE <  promotion of another Sheriff who ignored the law/her solemn oath/court rules when I took CHA to court. Scotland’s judiciary is a mess and unfit for purpose, because the wrong people are given positions of trust.

Two examples about one case:

‘Outrageous!’ Botched Rangers prosecution has now cost taxpayers £40m – Scottish Daily Express

WOLFFE COURT: Lord Advocate James Wolffe and his judge wife at centre of £9million damages claim – Questions remain why Lady Wolffe avoided recusal during emergency judge swap on court case against her own husband | A Diary of Justice & Injustice – Scotland (wordpress.com)

   The SNP party who has promoted division with its own hate speech, including directly at the English to further Nicola Sturgeon’s obsession to gain more power/control (and less scrutiny), introduced a highly controversial law; to try to silence the public.

               flag,red    Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 (legislation.gov.uk)

A catalogue of concerns – Free To Disagree  is a very large list of those who opposed The Hate Crime Bill, including legal professionals, newspapers, academics  etc, and *Professor Alistair Bonnington who tried to teach legislation to Nicola Sturgeon when she was a law student, (but she did not want to learn as she had no intention of abiding by any rules or laws!) * This is yet another example of the SNP failing to understand fundamental principles of Scots law. On corroboration, Named Person and sectarianism, they have shown an embarrassing level of ignorance as to how we do things in our Scottish system.”


SNP’s “chilling” hate crime bill passed | UK | News | Express.co.uk

“Reform UK MSP Michelle Ballantyne added: “Tonight, I voted against one of the most dangerous Bills in the history of devolution.”

 “Furthermore, this bill contains no defence regarding private conversations in your own home. The police could come to your home, having received a report of stirring up hate around the dinner table and take witness statements from those present. “That, presumably, could include your children. I cannot vote for that.”

Teachers have already been encouraged to quiz children in the classroom.  Please teach your kids to avoid giving out any personal information to them. You have no control over what authorities are doing with the data (See CHA section, Ch.5 on the  ICO  refusing to protect data subjects; whilst fiercely protecting those who abuse it.

‘I was arrested over a meme’ Britain’s free speech crisis explained – YouTube

Violent crime rates in England/Scotland are soaring as a consequence of those (non compos mentis) ministers who are having a laugh, by creating for themselves a twilight zone, we are also supposedly crazy enough to accept. The lunatics are indeed, running the asylum! 

Cruelty, is replacing humanity in the UK

flag,redThe Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021

The UK leaders have become so venal and cruel, as of March 2021, whilst everyone was distracted by Covid and Brexit, they legalised sexual abuse, torture and murder, (death by proxy), to be used by an unlimited number of agencies, to control the public. 

Our leaders have completely lost their minds and have become legalised, sadistic criminals, with 0 accountability for them & no protection or redress for the public.  Power has really gone to their heads, collaborating with other morally devoid, state leaders and those with a vested interest (narcissists/psychopaths united!), to force the public to comply with all of their demands. They intend to create more fear and chaos, whilst they sit back and watch the unprecedented suffering and abuse of the public. 

It will not stop, unless you tell them you refuse to recognise their authority due to the fact they have proven themselves to be completely untrustworthy; and unfit for the positions they hold.

Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021 – Wikipedia

Upon the return of the bill to the Commons, the amendments preventing the use of minors and vulnerable people and the participation in serious crimes were defeated in a 363 to 267 vote”.

*Setting out the bodies capable of using undercover agents and CCAs as being:[19]

·         any police force

·         National Crime Agency

·         Serious Fraud Office

·         any of the intelligence agencies

·         HMRC

·         Department of Health and Social Care 

·         Home Office

·         Ministry of Justice

·         Competition and Markets Authority

·         Environment Agency

·         Financial Conduct Authority

·         Food Standards Agency

·         Gambling Commission

They have already stated they will add more to the list above. Judge them by their actions/failings, and the company they keep/support, but never by what they claim. Those in power positions do not care about humanity. In what capacity do they need to commit the most heinous acts, on behalf of these agencies? There is no justification, apart from admitting that those making this legislation must be psychopaths!

One of the few politicians I believe has credibility is Zarah Sultana MP (Labour) who has the guts and the decency to speak out against the cruelty and unethical behaviour, when she denounced the Tory govt’s perverse law making in 2020.  “This evening I voted against the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill. “I can’t support legislation that could give undercover state agents the licence to murder, torture and commit sexual violence.” Other examples of speaking out for decency;  Zarah Sultana DESTROYS Rishi Sunak (doubledown.news) 

A full list of MPs who voted for the government’s ‘spy bill’ (thelondoneconomic.com) Lock them up with the rest of the violent criminals and rapists.

 The SNP voted against the bill stage, probably because it was before the Scottish Elections and knew there were enough Tory votes to pass it anyway.  Purely for appearance’s sake Nicola Sturgeon takes the role; ‘always the hero or the victim but never the villain’. She is all talk and has no substance, just like others I highlight on this website, and will use this law against the public to serve her own agendas. Think of the personality types who will be employed for jobs to carry out the government’s dirty work!

Opposition before it became law.

‘The Spy Cops Bill Is One of the Most Dangerous Pieces of Legislation I’ve Seen’ (tribunemag.co.uk)

(Shami) she speaks to Tribune about the political landscape that gave rise to these bills, her fears for the future of the rule of law and democracy..”

The ‘spy powers bill’ is a step too far – all parties should unite to oppose it in the Lords | The Independent

“Yet this bill would allow *police officers to give an informant total legal immunity to commit any type of crime, with no prior independent authority or oversight, to combat even minor offences…” 

*And any number of agencies working on behalf of the government.

Controversial ‘spy powers bill’ is not fit for purpose – I’m fighting to change it | The Independent

“The Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill will give agents a ‘licence to kill’ in the interest of economic wellbeing. The broadly written legislation is dangerous and gives too many people powers to evade the law”

The Government Wants to Sell Your GP Medical Records – Here’s How to Opt-Out – Byline Times

The UK govt also want to steal and sell your highly sensitive medical records and you will not know who is reading it. The date indicated in the article expired, but you should still make efforts to prevent them controlling YOUR data.

Data watchdog raps Scottish Government over Covid Status app privacy issues | Evening Standard

Scotland authorities/companies have no respect for data protection because they know the laws are not upheld, due to the fact the  ICO has no respect for the Data Protection Laws either.

Information Commissioner’s Office Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of ico.org.uk (trustpilot.com) and as I revealed with evidence in CH5 in CHA section > READ MORE <

The governments are also using their influence with mainstream media and social platforms to silence those of us who speak the truth. Like many others, I have been banned on Twitter and Facebook (lifetime ban!) because the dictators do not want the public to make informed decisions based on facts. History is repeating itself, by allowing more twisted, dangerous, personality types (tyrants) lead the innocent public, into situations whereby they have no choices or legal protection. Governments want to have exclusive control of the narrative, so they can spoon-feed you their twisted version of reality

Downing Street: ‘Why should any of us obey a single regulation?’ says Nigel Farage – YouTube

 Instead of improving the standards of living for those living in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon/SNP use the ‘public purse’ like their own personal piggy bank.  Most of the public live in deprivation and/or denied services, whilst she squandered £billions over many years, for self-interest. Examples include Nicola using public funds to feed her vanity; Nicola Sturgeon SHAMED after paying photographer £750 a month in explosive figures | Politics | News | Express.co.uk 

SNP government has spent £4.7m chauffeuring documents around Scotland in private cars | Politics | News | Express.co.uk Is Nicola putting National security at risk? Valuable enough to spend so much money on transportation, but not enough to make it secure! &  Nicola Sturgeon urged to ‘come clean’ over allegations she used private SNP email for official government business | The Scottish Sun 

Taxpayers to foot £800k bill to make Nicola Sturgeon’s official residence eco-friendly (telegraph.co.uk)

Think of all the money wasted over Independence/ harmful legislation/nepotism/dodgy contracts etc  which could  have provided heat and food for struggling families etc.

Be aware that those who are guilty of causing great harm and death to innocent members of the public, will also fight dirty to avoid exposure in courts/ tribunals/enquiry’s.

Search Results for “narcissist in court” – Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse       – by Anne Macrea


REALLY..JURY FREE TRIALS? – YOURS FOR SCOTLAND (wordpress.com)   “Scots have no right to trial says Lord advocate appointed by Nicola Sturgeon …Public not suited to decide on rape cases”.


No 10 ‘plans to let ministers strike out legal rulings they disagree with’ | Politics | The Guardian

You need to keep a close eye on what the scheming governments and others are planning behind your back, including legislation. Examples; the pharma companies who do not want to reveal data/or be held liable for their ‘social experiments’.

 Judge Tosses 75 Year FDA Delay, Orders Pfizer Vaccine Data Released in 8 Months – Election Central (uspresidentialelectionnews.com).

Update 11.04.22 “Scientific progress is thwarted by the ownership of data and knowledge because industry suppresses negative trial results, fails to report adverse events, and does not share raw data with the academic research community” from The illusion of evidence based medicine | The BMJ  discussed on This Is Impossible To Ignore – Bing video by Russell Brand.

 Please make informed choices based on facts, evidence and by those with a moral compass rather than by those whose only agendas,  are to exploit others for profit/power. Lock up the state abusers and their enablers/enforcers, demand accountability/compensation for the victims out of the perpetrators pockets.

flag,redWhy is Canada euthanising the poor? | The Spectator After many years of denying those who asked for Euthanasia, due to terminal illness when it was cruel to force them to suffer, assisted suicide has now become popular with the tyrants. You can even buy suicide pods! How many other countries will be coercing vulnerable members of society, to end their own life….as evil leaders do not want to waste money on social/health care/pensions etc.

Controversial Sarco ‘suicide capsule’ that ‘kills peacefully in 5 minutes’ gets go-ahead (thesun.co.uk)