People should make informed decisions based on facts, rather than what is claimed by Caledonia Housing Association (CHA) and their enablers.

When dishonesty begets dishonesty: 

Unethical behaviour is rewarded/promoted, but decency is treated with contempt”.

leading to the wider public being put at great risk of harm: see bottom of page.

My website was originally created in March 2019 in the public interest, to protect others by sharing knowledge of the corrupt and anti-social landlord; Caledonia Housing Association. It became known to me that CHA are shielded by an equally questionable Scottish Administration/legal system. Those in authority positions, share common traits which are evident by the manner in which they function e.g. they abuse their positions and resources (including finances) for personal gain, use influence for favours, knowingly cause harm to those entrusted to their care, ignore laws and codes of ethics, (but use legislation to protect their own interests), harass, and engage in acts of deception to avoid accountability. etc

Background to Caledonia Housing Association’s (CHA) Campaign of Harassment

 I just asked Housing Officer Cheryl Connelly from CHA, to desist from using an anti-social tenant (a.s.t.) to harass a 75-yr. old man and other tenants; (see chapters 3 then 6). Everything quickly snowballed from this. CHA Executives have huge but very fragile egos and go into attack mode very easily. My son and myself were then subjected to a catalogue of unlawful harassment and mistreatment, orchestrated by the Directors Tim Calderbank and Garry Savage, using some willing contractors and staff. I have named them all with evidence throughout my website.


The Directors instructed contractors; to tamper with our electricity by turning up high, the thermostat on a hot water cylinder and by-passing the breaker box, to elevate our bills (fire and electrocution risk) and the painters to seal our bedroom windows shut. CHA engaged in multiple violations of our privacy (Ch.6), numerous data protection breaches (Ch.’s 5 & 6), defamed my character to influence opinion against me, withheld services; including ignoring an OT and the Equality Act, forced us to pay for our own kitchen, and deliberately left our home insecure and more to *harass us out of our home, (Ch.’s 6 & 7).

‘What is a Fake Leader (FL)? It is someone disguised as a person in a leadership position who focuses on self and not the organization or ultimate good of people.’


CHA are not the only ones who lack integrity or credibility. CHA’s law-breaking, malicious intent to cause us harm, was perfectly acceptable to the so-called regulators and the government. CHA Directors and those who assisted them, have broken many laws including criminal offences under The Rent Scotland Act 1984. See legislation further down below. 

When I took CHA to court, one of CHAs lawyers repeatedly lied and a second tried to rewrite legislation. Both went against the Law Society’s rules. (see written evidence in Ch.’s 2 & 6).  

 Standards for solicitors | Law Society of Scotland (

Sheriff Jillian Martin Brown denied me my legal rights, ignored court rules, and abandoned her solemn oath,  (Ch.2 ), so CHA then went on to harass my son out of his home ( Ch.7). They would not have been able to do this, if the Sheriff had done her job and upheld the laws.

It is a prime example of how some people pursue careers to give them power and choose to use it for dishonourable meansNo decent human being would protect this rotten company, but decent human beings are in short supply, when it comes to those holding positions of trust. 


* Unlawful eviction and harassment of occupier.

 This law applies to CHA staff, directors & their solicitors, contractors. The sheriff was therefore complicit;  by denying my court case to be heard. 


 (1)Iany person unlawfully deprives the residential occupier of any premises of his occupation of the premises or any part thereof or attempts to do so he shall be guilty of an offence unless he proves that he believed, and had reasonable cause to believe, that the residential occupier had ceased to reside in the premises.



(2)If any person with intent to cause the residential occupier of any premises—

(a)to give up the occupation of the premises or any part thereof; or

(b)to refrain from exercising any right or pursuing any remedy in respect of the premises or part thereof;

does acts calculated to interfere with the peace or comfort of the residential occupier or members of his household, or persistently withdraws or withholds services reasonably required for the occupation of the premises as a residence, he shall be guilty of an offence.



[F1(2A)Subject to subsection (2B) below the landlord of any premises or an agent of the landlord shall be guilty of an offence if—

(a)he does acts likely to interfere with the peace or comfort of the residential occupier or members of his household; or

(b)he persistently withdraws or withholds services reasonably required for the occupation of the premises in question as a residence,

and (in either case) he knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, that that conduct is likely to cause the residential occupier to give up the occupation of the whole or part of the premises or to refrain from exercising any right or pursuing any remedy in respect of the whole or part of the premises.



(2B)A person shall not be guilty of an offence under subsection (2A) above if he proves that he had reasonable grounds for doing the acts or withdrawing or withholding the services in question.



3)A person guilty of an offence under this section shall be liable—

(a)on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to both; and

 (b)on conviction on indictment, to a fine or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both.

second rate citizens

The regulators and governments lame excuses to deflect, are in Ch.8. 

 SHR  Housing (Scotland) Act 2010 ( 

 Claims:  Regulating to protect the interests of tenants, people who are homeless, and others who use social landlords’ services.


(Reality: Denied their own statutory obligations to protect their corrupt, rotten friends).(Ch.4)



ICO Home | ICO

Claims: The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

(Reality: The ICO originally went against CHA, but because the arrogant self-regulating Directors did not like this, the ICO then retracted her previous decisions and ignored the Data Protection Act and Equality laws etc. as evidenced in Ch’s.5 & 6). They even told me; fraud was out of their remit! 

 Information Commissioner’s Office Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (

96% negative reviews. They bully owners of small businesses to extort money and they refuse to protect the data subjects rights.



OSCR (charity regulator) OSCR | Home

Claims: By reporting to us and meeting legal requirements, a charity demonstrates to the public that assets are properly accounted for and that it is being run properly. 


(Reality: ignored all of CHA’s law-breaking  behaviour including how they are using resources for self-serving unethical, agendas). 



 The (couldn’t) Care (less) Inspectorate (in my opinion, the most shocking of all)

What the Care Inspectorate does | Care Information Scotland (

 Claims: The Care Inspectorate regulates and inspects care services to make sure they meet the right standards. It also works with providers to help them improve their service and make sure everyone gets safe, high-quality care that meets their needs.


 (Reality: Ignored evidence of how CHA routinely falsifies reports and malicious intent to cause us and others harm and unlawful evictions etc).

I would not trust CHA or the Care Inspectorate to look after a goldfish or write up a report on one, and would certainly not trust them with vulnerable people. 



The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Home | Scottish Housing Regulator


 Claims:Our customer service standards | SPSO

 We are committed to offering you a high-quality service. Our Customer Service Standards describe how you can expect us to act.

Commitment: We will communicate effectively with you

Commitment: We will work in an open and fair way

Commitment: We will carry out our duties competently and responsibly


Reality: The SPSO bosses along with the others, just rubber stamp every claim made by housing associations, and chose to ignore all the evidence and the criminal offences by their criminal friends in CHA. I was clearly wrong in chapter 3 when I thought the SPSO were misled over the facts concerning a neighbour, who complained to the SPSO.

 They later attempted to blackmail me into ‘respectfully’ removing a decision makers name to stop them receiving abuse (see Ch.8). The SPSO showed us no respect and are deluding themselves, if they believed I would show them any! 


Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of ( (96% negative reviews).


CHA and their enablers could cause strokes or heart attacks, drive someone to suicide, or harm from tampering with electricity, withholding services etc Ch.6. Maybe they already have, but because they all routinely falsify records and cover each other’s backs, they can easily bury the evidence of wrongdoing.



No wonder so many care home residents and patients/staff in hospital, died from the SNP’s neglect, during the pandemic. They have all proven their callous indifference to the welfare of others, making them culpable for the harm being caused.



Respect is a two-way process.  They cannot command it; it must be earned. They all  have themselves to blame for the public’s reactions to their duplicitous conduct. They can’t have it both ways. ‘You reap what you sow’! Victims of CHA and of other organisations, do not have any choices. The authorities make sure of that.

 Those spineless bullies who hide behind their authority and only use legislation for their own self-serving, nasty interests, will all be named and shamed on this website, so no-one will waste their time on them. 



 Any more harassment/bully tactics or withholding of services, from any source aimed towards my family or myself, then I will respond in kind, that is a promise. I was never a revengeful person before this, but as of now, my views have changed. If the legislation does not protect decent people, then we must do whatever we feel necessary; to protect ourselves. After all those in authority, can all be named as our role models. Let us see how that works out for them.

  Now the SNP want to silence your right to free speech too, even in your home!

SNP’s “chilling” hate crime bill passed | UK | News |

But it gets much worse.

The UK leaders have become so venal and cruel;  they have now legalised sexual abuse, torture and murder, to be used by an unlimited number of agencies, to achieve its own ends;

Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021 – Wikipedia

 SNP voted against this, probably because it was before the Scottish Elections and knew there were enough Tory votes to pass it anyway.  Purely for appearance sake;  Nicola Sturgeon takes the role; ‘always the hero or the victim but never the villain’.

She is all talk and has no substance,  just like others I highlight on this website,

and will use this law against the public to serve own agendas.

Think of the personality types who will apply for jobs to carry out the government’s dirty work! Add this to the fact they ‘lost’ hundreds of thousands of existing criminal records.          


 It is official, as of March 2021, we have a totalitarian regime, run by legalised criminals with 0 accountability for them  & no protection or redress for the public. 


Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill – JUSTICE

Government reverses attempt to explicitly ban spies from committing murder, torture or rape | The Independent

The ‘spy powers bill’ is a step too far – all parties should unite to oppose it in the Lords | The Independent

 “Yet this bill would allow police officers to give an informant total legal immunity to commit any type of crime, with no prior independent authority or oversight, to combat even minor offences…” 

Children to be used to ‘spy’ on their own family and others and knowingly be put in harms way by twisted, unethical governments.

Revealed: How Britain is putting its child spies in extreme danger… by a former top undercover cop — RT Op-ed

MPs vote down strict curbs on use of children and vulnerable people as operatives’


Please protect children, as the authorities would rather protect abusers.

The SNP prioritise offenders (including paedophiles) above the rights of victims.  Newspaper links on articles e.g. “Our kids need justice’ by  the Evening Telegraph, and other articles have recently been removed from source! The authorities do not like the public at large, drawing attention to the truth of how depraved they really are and how they prefer to keep paedophiles out of jail. They also believe they have the right to force their own dysfunctional sexual views on children in schools without the parents’ knowledge or permission, from an early age. This is the reverse of Child Protection. More in Ch. 11. 

Please read the article in the link below on the sex education being taught

Querying the Queering of Scottish Schools. | Borderline ( 

 Do not trust the UK Leaders or those acting on their behalf, as they have confirmed their unfitness to hold positions of authority.